Badminton goes Olympics

Although our sport was already presented as a possible Olympic sport in 1972 at the Olympic Games in Munich, it took another 20 years before it was ready. At the premiere in Barcelona in 1992, Silvia Albrecht and Bettina Villars were the Swiss representatives. Four years later, Thomas Wapp and Santi Wibowo each qualified for the tournament in the singles. At the same time, they received the right to start in the mixed tournament, which was held for the first time.

In 2000 and 2004, no Swiss player qualified for the Olympic badminton tournament. In 2008, the two multiple Swiss champions Christian Bösiger and Jeanine Cicognini managed to qualify. In the following years, only Sabrina Jaquet managed to clear this hurdle.

While Silvia Albrecht, Thomas Wapp, Santi Wibowo and Jeanine Cicognini each won a match, Sabrina is still waiting for a successful result. She is now competing in the Olympic badminton tournament for the third time and has a certain routine. Let's hope that she can prepare for the season's highlight without any injuries and that she will deliver a top performance in Tokyo. 

The draw of the badminton tournament brought the following result for Sabrina Jaquet (BWF 46): She will meet Tai Tzu Ying (BWF No. 1 from Taiwan), Vietnamese Thuy Linh Nguyen (BWF 49) and French Qi Xuefei (BWF 41). Only the top of the group qualifies for the knockout round.

Previous Swiss players at the Olympic Games

1992: Singles: Silvia Albrecht/ Doubles: Silvia Albecht/Bettina Villars

1996: Singles: Thomas Wapp and Santi Wibowo and both together in the Mixed

2000: no participation

2004: no participation

2008: Singles: Christian Bösiger and Jeanine Cicognini

2012: Singles: Sabrina Jaquet 

2016: Singles: Sabrina Jaquet 

2020: Singles: Sabrina Jaquet