Comes 5 times 11?

The time seems ripe for a renewal.

Vor drei Jahren wurde bei der Jahreshauptversammlung des Weltverbandes BWF der Vorschlag, die Zählweise 5 x 11 (drei Gewinnsätze bis 11 Punkte in allen Disziplinen) einzuführen, von der Mehrheit der versammelten Delegierten abgelehnt. Nur 129 Stimmen waren dafür – nötig gewesen wären aber 168 Stimmen.

But this year there could be a change. The Indonesian federation PBSI will officially make the proposal to change to 5 x 11. The federation is confident of the support of the continental federation Badminton Asia certainly after the Chinese federation had also gained good experience at the national championships in November 2020. However, 7 x 11 was played there (four winning sets to 11 points).

So it may well be that the 3 x 21 counting method in operation since 1 August 2006 will soon be a thing of the past. The decision will be made on 22 May at the BWF Assembly of Delegates, which, like last year, will only be held virtually.