Thomas & Uber Cup

Since last weekend, after a one-year delay, the final round of the Thomas und Uber-Cup statt. Das Turnier musste wegen der Corona-Pandemie zweimal verschoben werden. Die Mannschafts-WM für Herren- bzw. Damenteams hat eine lange Tradition (es gibt sie seit 1948 bzw. 1956) und sie findet erstmals seit 1982 wieder in Europa statt. Austragungsort ist die dänische Stadt Aarhus.

A team competition consists of three singles matches and two doubles matches.
The defending champions in the men's competition are China, in the women's competition the team from Japan. 
The tournament will be played in four groups of four followed by a knockout system. 
The Swiss men's team lost to Denmark, the 2016 Thomas Cup winners, at the qualifying tournament in France in February 2020.
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The games are live on only in Switzerland

Thomas Cup:
Group A: Indonesia, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Algeria 
Group B: Denmark, Korea, Germany, France
Group C: China, India, Netherlands,Tahiti
Group D: Japan, Malaysia, England, Canada

Uber Cup:
Group A: Japan, Indonesia, Germany, France
Group B: Thailand, India, Spain, Scotland
Group C: Korea, Chinese Taipei, Egypt, Tahiti
Group D: China, Denmark, Malaysia, Canada